A Gardening Tale: From Back to the Land Flower Child to Modern Homesteader: Part 2

That's right! I was homeschooled. Now let's be honest, was that really a surprise for most of you? I mean, I always talk about how I grew up on a working homestead with farming friends and back to the land hippie parents. Would you expect anything less? Well, I have to admit, when most people find out that I was homeschooled, they tend to have a look of shock on their faces and say something along the lines of, "But you seems so normal and well socialized." I'm never sure if I should take this as a compliment or an insult, but I usually choose to just respond with a head shake and a, "Thank you?"

Bunnies and Babies

Find out the story behind our struggles to start a family and the Great Rabbit Battle of 2020.

Growing in the Garden: Lessons from the Sages

There's just something about getting your hands down in a freshly plowed field and pulling the earth to your nose that connects you with all of the living things that were there before you. You can almost feel the hands of your ancestors on your shoulders encouraging you and remind you that you can do this, just as they did.

Calling All Sewers!!!

So here is the ask...I am asking anyone who is able to sew to work with me, and the other efforts linked below to help provide these essential protective items to our nation's medical care providers.

National Pride and Gardening

For us to be able to have pride in our nation, we have to have something that we are working towards together. At this current moment we are working to keep the supply chain going amidst the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. This is especially visible in the grocery stores.

Amazingly Ordinary: The Real Women Who Inspire Me: Dum

Sometimes it's hard to tell others all of the ways that someone has influenced you. Join me as I share a few of my favorite stories about Dum and show you how she inspires me everyday.

Look for the Helpers

The legacy of Mr. Rogers today has grown far beyond what I could have ever imagined. I loved and idolized him as a child, and am happy to say that I can still look back at the man he was and hold him up as one of my all time heroes.

Laughter is Poison to Fear

Sometimes it's hard to find the humor in the dark times. These are my thoughts on letting laughter be the cure to fear.

Spunky, Wolf Dog of the North: What a Dog’s Love Can Teach Us

In 1989 my family and I adopted this adorable puppy that I named Spunky. It was love at first sight for me. I was 2 going on 3 and seeing him for the first time is one of my first memories. Looking up at all the puppies in the pens at the Humane Society and... Continue Reading →

Preparing for a Pandemic: 5 Tips to Keep You and Your Family Safe

The world is a scary place. Learn how to prepare and beat the fear-demon with these 5 tips from TreadlingHome.

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