Category: You Can Do It!

I have a bad habit of saying that I’m going to do something (insert project) and then not really getting it done.  I’m very good at getting started, but tend to fall a bit short in the follow through.  I have a feeling that I’m not the only one out there with this issue.  I hope to be able to share words of encouragement and anecdotes to keep us all in the mood of doing and to stay motivated, ’cause you can do this!

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5 Questions You Need Answered Before You Get Chickens

Have you seen the cute chicken coops on Pintrest or Facebook and said to yourself, “I would love to have some of those. They are so cute.”? Don’t know where to start? Start here with the 5 questions you need answered before you get chickens. This insightful article comes complete with a free printable to use when you’re talking to officials. Check it out, only on