Busy Mom’s Fruit Yogurt

Fast fruit yogurt at home? Yep! No culturing required!

So, as the mom of a 13-month-old, I find myself needing to find quick hacks to help feed my family and keep it as clean as possible. Throughout my son’s life, my husband and I have tried to feed him pretty much what we have been eating, within reason of course. When it came time for dairy products, I wanted to make sure that they were as clean as possible and contain as little added sugar as possible. After searching through the kid’s branded yogurts, I realized that they were mainly whole milk yogurt with a LOT of sweeteners added in there and some artificial colors to make it look fun. Why!?!

So I decided to try something that I used to do for my husband and myself, but had simply gotten out of the habit of doing. I take a large tub of plain, unsweetened whole milk yogurt and dump in a pouch of no sugar added dried fruit, mix it up and throw it in the fridge for a day or 2. That’s literally it!

When it is ready, the natural color from the dried fruit has transferred to the white yogurt and the flavor is amazing since the yogurt is what rehydrates the dried fruits. Trust me…you and your family are gonna love this one!

The Busy Mom’s Fruit Yogurt Recipe

You’ll need: 1 large container of plain yogurt, I use the organic whole milk one from Aldi, and 1 entire package of your favorite dried, no sugar added fruit. I used blueberries here since that is our favorite, but you can use whatever you and your family like. You can also use freeze dried fruits as well, like strawberries or something. That’s it!

Other items you’ll need: a spoon.

Mix it up!

Open the yogurt contain and dump the entire pouch of dried fruit on the top of it. Use the spoon to mix it VERY well, making sure that all of the fruit is covered in the yogurt. Cover and put in fridge for a minimum of 12 hours. The longer it can sit, the better it will taste

Take it out and mix it again. You can either serve it now or put it back in the fridge to sit longer. The longer it can sit the better it will taste and the more vibrant the color will get (if that matters to your kids).



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