Homestead Playlist

Music has the power to inspire us and keep us moving through the hardest of times. It can sooth a broken heart or remind us of an easier time. It shares in our joys and never judges us, even at our lowest.

Join Josh and I as we share some of our favorite songs and hopefully help inspire you to keep moving, whatever you’re working towards. So get your DIY cloths on, hit play and get moving with the TreadlingHome Homestead Playlist!

Find the full playlist and move at the TreadlingHome YouTube channel *HERE*

Just press play and get moving!

The most referenced song on the homestead title goes to…? (our song ❤ )
This was the song that Josh and I danced to at our wedding. Still makes my heart swell with emotion when I hear it.
One of my favorite bands of all time!!! Amazing music that always puts me in a good mood and gets me hyped to get moving.
For the only guy that gets me H.O.L.Y.
Who doesn’t love some Hottie every now and then?
The man…the legend. The performance that shaped my childhood.

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