Music has the power to inspire us and keep us moving through the hardest of times. It can sooth a broken heart or remind us of an easier time. It shares in our joys and never judges us, even at our lowest.

Join Josh and I as we share some of our favorite songs and hopefully help inspire you to keep moving, whatever you’re working towards. So get your DIY cloths on, hit play and get moving with the TreadlingHome Homestead Playlist!

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Just press play and get moving!

The most referenced song on the homestead title goes to…? (our song ❤ )
This was the song that Josh and I danced to at our wedding. Still makes my heart swell with emotion when I hear it.
One of my favorite bands of all time!!! Amazing music that always puts me in a good mood and gets me hyped to get moving.
For the only guy that gets me H.O.L.Y.
Who doesn’t love some Hottie every now and then?
The man…the legend. The performance that shaped my childhood.
On of the most influential songs of my life. One of those songs that just keeps growing with me, for better or worse. Also one you can still find my dad playing on his guitar when you stop by his house, even today.
In case you didn’t know, Josh is an Army vet and you can always tell when he’s having a rough day. This song is one of the only things that can help.
My dad sang this song to me my entire life and it was the song we danced to at my wedding. A few tears were shed by all parties. Love you Dad ❤
A great relationships isn’t built on the good times. It’s built on the ashes of the person I was before you ❤
The song my dad sang to my brother when we were young.
An amazing folk band lead by one of my buddies from high school.
Peas and carrots, peanut butter and jelly…you and me.
One of our current favorite bands here on the homestead…The Hu!
So we listen to a LOT of rock around here.
It’s interesting growing up riding around in a cherry red Jeep 1 ton flatbed truck blasting this song cause 3-year-old me loved it. What a great Dad!
Lizzy Hale is amazing. Love her gritty voice!
So in high school I had braces and when this song came out my friends were like, “Let me see your grill.”
Josh’s Mother/Son dance song from our wedding.
This song hits hard to those of us who have known people who served in Vietnam. The Vietnam period also happens to be my focus of study in history. Love this song!
Go ahead…judge me for loving BSB from their first album…go ahead!
Still crank it when I hear this song. I’ve seen him twice in concert..EI.! Josh hates this song so much, lol!
I used to play this song everyday when Josh was an over the road (OTR) trucker 😦
Having a bad day? Just listen to this song and you’ll be inspired for days 🙂
Legit one of the best covers of all time…and that’s saying something because I love me some Aerosmith.
For those days when everything is going crazy and all you need in life is each other.
Ah…the early 2000’s. Still makes me smile though, haha!
Josh and mine’s second song… ❤
FFDP…one of our favorite bands of all time.
When your grandparents grew up in mining towns and your dads a union rep, you get a curly haired little me belting this one out, haha!
That first and worst broken heart we all remember. This song is still true weather it’s a friend or the one you love most in this world, it still hurts.
Still one of my favorites songs of all time. Chilling when he sings it acoustically.
We can all be hard to love. Find someone who loves you through it anyway.
Life gets messy; find someone who will follow you down.
Here’s to getting through life together; even when we’re broken.
Because even the psychos need to socialize, lol!
Sometimes it’s ok to just love a song because of the rawness of it.
A corny song some may say…Unicorny that is, lol!
I know I’m crazy, but he loves me anyway. God bless him!
I miss Mayberry too!
We all have a little of both in us.
This song just makes me think of everyone who isn’t here anymore and reminds me to tell the people who are still here how much they mean to me while they are.
The song that finally broke Josh into liking Country. The way he looks at me when it comes on reminds me why I love him ❤
Monsters are real…pick a weapon and fight!
An amazing remake of an already amazing song.
Pretty sure this is the only video they did without their masks.
I feel like it’s my job to make his life easier. Even if it’s just making myself easier to love.
Seriously one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to was these two together. Oh good lord! #bestietraditions
Yes…more Corey Taylor, haha
Apparently I’m now strawberry wine according to Josh, lol! Side note, Chris’ voice makes me melt in every way possible, mmm!
Because let’s be honest, we’re all a little jaded.
Just a sexy song all around.
In our life, I’m the one who loves to go out and be with friends, but I always said Josh could crash any party, cause he was better anyway ❤
Our newest ear bleedingly loud favorite around the homestead.
This song is our relationship, lol!