Motivation Monday with Marilyn Monroe

I have so much to do this week to get caught up with apron production (check out my current inventory *here*) that I almost don’t know where to start. I asked myself this morning if I can ever really be “caught up” with my business work? Suffice to say I was letting myself get a little overwhelmed.

Every Monday I write a quote in my planner to inspire me as I go through my week. I usually do a quick Pintrest search for this and get moving on to the rest of my planning. This week it was the amazing Miss Monroe that struck a cord with me.

Why Marilyn Motivates Me

Marilyn Monroe is a truly inspiring person. If you have never read a biography on her, I highly recommend doing so. She went from farm girl to mill worker in the 1940’s during the war as part of the Rosy the Riveter crowd, then took a bottle of bleach and her killer instincts and made a personal brand that turned into a legend.

She is honestly one of my biggest heroes. She was beautiful, smart and had killer business instincts; but she also knew that she wasn’t perfect in any way and that she was flawed like the rest of us. She just found a way to make it work for her and inspires me to do the same.

She made being classy and sassy look effortless and was the model of real life grace, no matter what personal struggles she was going through.

That’s why she motivated me, yet again, today. She let people think what they wanted of her and then kept right on moving toward the goals she was working to achieve. She would let people buy the dumb blonde bit while getting them to give her everything she wanted without them realizing it.

I hope that you take the advice of Marilyn today and work like a boss, while still acting like a lady. The question is, do you, or I, have what it takes to do this in today’s world? I think we do!

Keep it classy and you will always have the respect of those around you.

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