Roll With It: How to Roll a Yarn Ball

One of the basic skills that anyone who knits or crochets should know is how to roll a yarn ball.  It was one of the first things that I learned how to do so that I could help my aunt with her knitting when I was little.  I used to sit there for hours rolling yarn after we went to a sale at the craft store.  I used to have so much fun rolling it, sitting with her and just talking.  It’s an ideal that I still hold dear to my heart and hope to be able to experience with my nieces and my own children (when I have them).  So when I came home the other day and found my new yarn that I had bought and hadn’t had a chance to put away in the middle of the floor with the cat, I was so angry.  The old stereotype that cats love yarn is true!

cat and yarn

She pulled half of the skein apart and was still playing with it.  The above kitten is not mine, but this is pretty much what she looked like, only with more yarn wrapped around her.  Now, I haven’t rolled a yarn ball since my aunt died because it just takes more time than I was willing to “waste” on it (as a teen and early adult I thought I knew better than the people that taught me), but my cat left me with little option.  I still remembered how to roll my yarn, but it occurred to me that others may not know how, so I got on YouTube (I love YouTube in case you haven’t figured that out yet; hehe) and found a pretty decent video of a couple easy ways to roll the basic yarn ball by hand.  Enjoy the video and happy rolling 🙂


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