Keep Your Coffee Cozy

0626152056-00My grandmother was an amazing artist with a crochet hook.  I’ve never been all that great at it since I tend to keep my stitches rather tight, but I decided to go ahead and start with something small to get myself back in practice with crocheting.  Since my husband and I drink so much coffee, I decided to make a mug cozy.  The pattern that I used can be found on (p.s. I love this site for patterns.  So many free ones 🙂 ).  It was super easy to make and the directions were really easy to follow.  The one I made is pictured above with the red mug and blue cozy.  I’m kind of proud of it since I got it on the first try.  I think it’s cute and it really helps my husband to not burn his hand on the mugs that don’t have finger holes big enough for his fingers; plus it doubles as a coaster!  What’s not to love about that?  Hope you enjoy and give it a shot 🙂

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coaster cozy