TreadlingHome is Joining the Fight on COVID-19

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who helped us in our efforts to provide our community with the masks they vitally needed. After making over 200 masks and donating over 100 I am going to call it quits for now. Thank you to the entire Treadling Nation for all of your compassion, hard work and support to help us through the COVID-19 crisis.

Join the Treadling Nation in the Fight Against COVID-19!

Help us by working with us and other local and national organizations to help keep our front line healthcare workers and their patients safe during this national state of emergency and international health crisis.

Masks Made and/or donated by TreadlingHome


Welcome to the TreadlingHome COVID-19 response page. We are working hard here on the homestead to work with local hospitals and other care facilities to provide the masks they are desperately seeking.

Below you will find all the information and links I have gathered to help us all come together in this effort to keep our nation and it’s most at risk citizens.

TreadlingHome is calling on all members of the Treadling Nation who can sew to join in the cause!

As many, if not all of you by this point, are aware, the medical staffs of our local medical facilities are hurting badly for the supplies they need to keep themselves and their patients safe. We here at TreadlingHome are working with one of our local hospital’s staff to coordinate the items needed there.

Many companies are working with the government and trying their best to get the domestic production of these desperately needed supplies going, but in the interim there WILL be a period of time that the medical staff we all depend on will need our help.

So here is the ask…I am asking anyone who is able to sew to work with me, and the other efforts linked below to help provide these essential protective items to our nation’s medical care providers.

TreadlingHome Handmade Masks.  "Not" for medical use, but better than a bandanna, right?
A few masks I’ve made

Linked *HERE* is the pattern I am personally using to make the masks Josh and I are supplying to the hospital where my mom works. The pattern is in Japanese, but has all the measurements are in English and there are plenty of photos to show you how to do it. If you have any questions, please comment them below or message me directly at

I will be adding relevant links and updating this post as more information becomes available to me. Please remember that this is an ongoing situation and understand that we are not in anyway trying to spread panic. We here at TreadlingHome feel it is our civic duty to help in any way we can, whether that be staying home when asked to or making supplies needed to care for the ill.

Thank you all for your time and assistance in this national effort.

Links to other efforts to help

1. Joann Fabric Store: National/Local effort:

2.(mask)MAKERS PGH: Local effort for Pittsburgh, PA:

3.Nine Line Apparel: National effort: Buy and Donate:

4. Spencer Zaugg: Local/National/International: 3D Printing Blueprint:

5. Billings Clinic: Local/National/International: 3D Printing Resources for Mask Production:

Joint the Treadling Nation

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