Knitting and Crocheting

I have been extremely fortunate to have many wonderful people in my life.  Most of the women have been able to do extraordinary things with yarn that I can only hope to one day be able to do.  My grandmother used to crochet lace of all sizes and she was the one that made my baby outfit for my first pictures.  She was amazing with a crochet hook, something I have yet to master.  My babysitter, while also good at crocheting, she was the one that taught me how to knit.  We used to spend hours knitting and doing crafts.  I learned so many things from her and hope to be able to inspire people like she did one day.  Needless to say, knitting and crocheting have always been a part of my life.  They both teach you patience and how to read a pattern as well as math and manual dexterity.  Everyone has their own twist to how they do it, from different ways to cast on knitting stitches to how tight you make them.  I hope to share my journey through the world of knitting and crocheting with you as I learn and relearn different stitches and patterns, and maybe share a few tips along the way.


Questions, comments and tips are most welcome on this page and individual posts.

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