Saying Goodbye: Ginger’s Last Feature

I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down to write this post for you all. I’m sorry the news is so late, but this is the first time I was able to edit the photos and write about our beloved Ginger and the heartache we still feel. Please enjoy the photos and memories with us.

On November 5, 2019 we had to say goodbye to one of the best girls a fur-mommy and fur-daddy could ever ask for, Ginger Louise Jones.

Saying goodbye to a friend is never easy, especially when they are your family like Ginger was for Josh and me. It’s been about 2 months now and I’m still waiting for her little furry face and floppy ears to pop around the corner to say “good morning” with that big smile she had.

From my Instagram

Ginger has been featured in many posts both here on the blog and on our social media and has been a beloved fur-baby to Josh and me for about 4 and a half years. She was adopted with her sister Bailey the day we moved into our home here on the TreadlingHome-stead and it seems so empty without her prancing around looking for a treat or to be chased around the house. Being chased was Ginger’s favorite way to play and always ended with a short wrestling matching and lots of love being given from both sides.

At our favorite spot

Her favorite place in the world was the park where Josh and I were married where she could walk into the large creek and cool down on a long summer walk or grab a drink when she was getting tired over her last few months. She loved to go for walks at just about any park and loved to sniff the air as she rode in the car. Her little floppy ears would catch the wind and stand strait up and the cheese on her face would be from ear to ear. She loved life and her fur Mommy and Daddy.

Ginger was 12 this year and had been treated like a queen since the first day we saw her. We were blessed with 4 1/2 amazing years with this sweetheart and thank God for each day with her. She was our baby and will be missed dearly around the homestead.

Although we had to say goodbye to one of our fur-babies, it was kind to let her go and not suffer anymore from the ailments of old age. She was truly suffering her last few days and it was heart wrenching to watch. I know that she is happy and running around with her sister Bailey in the back yard, keeping watch over her family and chicken charges.

The video to the right is Ginger eating the week before she passed. She couldn’t stand anymore because her hind legs would no longer support her weight. I think she was still adorable though, don’t you?

Ginger will be missed and we have mourned greatly for our loss. It’s time for us to continue to this ride we call life and see if we can give another doggy a few happy years during the winter of their life.

Daddy’s last cuddle with Ginger 😦

In loving memory of

Ginger Louise Jones (2007-2019)

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  1. George Peters says:

    She was a real sweetheart and I will always miss her!

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