Adventures in Gardening: Raised Bed Herb Garden Update

3 Weeks in and Going Well

So it’s been about 3 weeks since we setup our little raised bed herb garden for the kitchen here on the TreadlingHome-stead. The weather was kind of cruddy for the plants (low 40’s and 30’s at night) for the first week or so and I was worried about frost, but it stayed away and the plants are hardier for it. They have been loving the past couple of sunny days we have had here in Southeastern Ohio and all the rain in the evenings. It’s perfect weather for herbs right now. The mint especially is kind of taking off. I can’t wait for some mint sweet tea in a week or so 🙂

The placement of the beds seems to be perfect because they get sunlight most of the day; a rare thing near our house because of the large maple tress we have. The stems are hardy and healthy thanks to the couple of very windy days we had last week, and the foliage is coming in strong and bright. Tending these little raised beds was the perfect way for me to celebrate May Day (May 1st or Beltane) yesterday. And Josh accused me of forgetting about May Day, lol!

I’m very happy with how this project is going thus far. I just wanted to give a quick update for those who are following us.

If you’re not following us and would like to see how we setup this raised bed tire herb garden, check it out here: Adventures in Gardening: Raised Bed Herb Garden on the Homestead

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