Cleaning Schedule *Free Printable*

Each of us has our own issues and short comings when it comes to housekeeping.  Some of us hate doing dishes (me), some of us hate doing laundry or maybe cleaning the bathroom; and yet we all love that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with knowing you have a tidy home that feels warm and inviting. 

When you have everything in its place and know where something is if you need it, it just makes life easier.  There is just something about a tidy home that makes me smile.

The one thing that consistently seems to fall by the wayside for me is my housekeeping.  I’ll be working on projects or writing for a couple of days and then what seems like all of a sudden…BAM!  My house is a total disaster area and I’m completely overwhelmed with where to even start. 

I decided to turn to the internet for help with this problem. It seemed like every cleaning schedule I came across ran under the assumption that I was a toddler with no idea what so ever as to what needed cleaned and tidied in each room. 

This isn’t the case.  I just needed something to remind me to work on 1 room each day, instead of doing those crazy cleaning marathons that will drive even the best of us crazy.  I figured that I couldn’t be the only one out there with this issue, so I made up a super simplified cleaning schedule, running under the assumption that an adult who knows what a clean room looks like will be using it.  It will also be helpful if you have kids that are helping, because it gives you the freedom to assign tasks that you feel are appropriate, while being able to work in a manor that is best for you and your family.

Linked below is the cleaning schedule I came up with for my house.  It works for me and my family, but please feel free to edit it so it will work for you. 

Happy housekeeping 🙂

Cleaning Schedule

*Click HERE* for Cleaning Schedule Doc.


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