WaterFire Sharon, PA July 16, 2016

So I don’t usually share too much about the events that I do, but I had so much fun at WaterFire Sharon, PA that I thought I would share some of the fun with everyone.  This is an event that started in Sharon, PA 3 years ago in 2013, and I have to say that if it continues to be as amazing as Saturday was, there is sure to be many more years ahead.  The weather was beautiful and the people and other vendors in attendance were amazing.  There were people of all types there, from hippies to bikers, furries to hipster.  It was so wonderful to see everyone come together for an amazing day of music, art and experiences.  Here is a picture of this super fun woman who stopped by my TreadlingHome Apron booth.  She was so funny and talked to me for a while about how much she loved aprons and some of the stories she had growing up with her mom and grandmother and their aprons.  While we were talking, the furries arrived and she went crazy with excitement.  The furries were so kind to her and answered all of the questions she could fire off.

WaterFire Furries

So a little while later, I was talking to my mom who was helping me and we started talking about how awesome it would be if we could get our new furry fox friend to wear my foxy apron, and guess what?  He did!  Here is my new furry fox friend Sam being a wonderful model for my foxy apron.  He was so sweet about it and was happy to be a part of our day.  Big shout out to my new friend Sam.  Hope to see you at the next one in August buddy 🙂

WaterFire Sam
WaterFire Sam 2

After Sam left, 2 of my really great friends Jason and his wife Michelle came out to visit and help out at the booth.  The theme was “through the decades” and Jason was sweet enough to compliment my late 1940’s theme I was going with.  His wife did 1970’s and my mom went with the classic early 1960’s vibe.  This was the first WaterFire Sharon, PA event for all of us, and they made it all the better for me.

WaterFire crew
WaterFire Venders

At dusk, they lit the Shanango River on fire, with floating burn pits.  It was such an awe inspiring sight to see.  For more pictures of this, please make sure to check out the official WaterFire Sharon website here.

WaterFire River
WaterFire River 2

By the end of the day, I had made some new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  I hope that you will join us for the next WaterFire Sharon, PA event on August 20, 2016.

For more info about the event and the coming dates, please see the official WaterFire Sharon, PA Facebook page.


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