Black Bean Salad with Corn

Want something to do with all those fresh veggies you are growing.  Try something like this!

I was at a graduation party with my husband and his family over the weekend and had an amazing dip.  It kind of looked gross, but it was so fresh and yummy when I gave it a try!  The moral of the story?  Don’t judge a dip my it’s color (haha!).  So that was that until I logged on my Facebook today and saw this link.  Some things are just meant to be I guess.  I think that the one I had didn’t have peppers though,  but I’m sure it’s all good when you mix it up 🙂  So here I am, sharing it with you because it was so good.  It’s perfect for really any occasion and is amazing with some tortilla chips and a lemonade on a hot day.  Enjoy!

Click Here for Recipe



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