Red Wine Marinated Grilled London Broil

When my husband and I purchased our new home a few months ago I ended up having to cook exclusively on the grill for the first month.  A long story that will involve another entire post.  The good news is that my husband and I love grilled food; so it worked out 🙂

My husband and I went to the store today to pick up a few things that we needed and they had a sale on the London Broil roasts (buy one get one free…heeeeyyy!).  Then, as we were going to the checkout, they were having a wine tasting.  They were pretty good so we decided to get a couple bottles since we don’t often get wine.  That’s when I got inspired.  I told Josh (my husband) that I was going to make a great dinner and I would be the best wife ever.  So when we got home, I got my ingredients together and got to work.  Here’s how I made this amazing grilled roast (I think it would also work for individual steaks as well).


The first thing I did was get my ingredients together.  Red wine (I used a sweet red for this one, but it would also be good with a Merlot), balsamic vinegar (not shown in the picture), minced garlic, salt and pepper (red and black).  I mixed the marinade ingredients together in a 2 cup measuring cup and set aside.  The amounts are at the end of this post in the recipe.  I then cut the roast into 4 pieces since it was rather large, about 3 lbs., and I wanted to ensure even cooking on the grill.

Meat and baggie
meat and marinade
marinate in baggie
meat in baggie

After the marinade was mixed and the roast was cut into smaller pieces, I used a gallon sized baggie for the marinading process.  When I’m marinading a large amount of meat, I put half of the marinade in the bottom, put the meat in and then cover it with the other half of the liquid.

Once you have put everything into the baggie, make sure that you squeeze out as much air as possible before sealing it.  The marinading liquid should rise up around the meat.  Once the baggie is sealed, mix the contents well, making sure that all of the meat is coated with the marinade.  Lay flat on the counter to try to get a single layer (see below).  Let set for at least 1 hour before grilling.  Remember with marinades, usually the longer the better.

flat marinating meat

When your charcoal is ready for grilling, remove from the marinade and grill 5-10 minutes on each side depending on how bloody you like it.  I cooked mine for the full 10 minutes since they were large pieces.  After it is grilled, let the meat rest for at least 5 minutes to allow it to settle before you slice it.  When slicing, use a sharp knife and cut against the grain on a slant (see video at end of post).  I think that the thinner the better.  If you slice it thin, it will almost melt in your mouth….drool!

finished meal

I served this with a side salad, rosemary garlic stove-top potatoes and sweet tea.  I hope that you will give this a try.  It is so worth it!


This recipe can also be used with a venison roast as well.  OMG is it good!

Marinated London Broil


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