Utility/Serving Aprons

TreadlingHome Utility/Serving Aprons are made of 100% cotton (unless otherwise stated in item posting) soft canvas and are made to optimize your time and apron space.  

Want to see examples of past Utility/Serving Aprons created by TreadlingHome? See the end of this page for a portfolio of my creations.

We all know that the more organized you can be as a server, the better you will do and the more tips you will make.  We kept this in mind when designing our TreadlingHome Original Serving Aprons.  Each apron features 8 pen pockets big enough to fit permanent markers and/or other large writing utensils, 2 large utility pockets, double stitching on every seam for more durability and 2 oversized buttons to accommodate your 2 included attachable towels.  The attachable towels eliminate the need for the “butt towel”, allowing you to keep a clean towel, or 2, on hand at all times for quick cleanup or drying on the fly, no matter what you’re wearing.  Extra towels are available (click here for available colors).

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Utility/Serving Aprons Portfolio

The first Utility/Serving Apron I ever made. We have come a long way.

The basic design is still the same, but I have made some major improvements since I started.

This one was my favorite early Utility/Serving Apron. It was the first one I made of the water resistant fabric and was way more heavy duty than the first two.

Customer Pics

This is Mary and her adorable pooch Toby. She purchased this apron at WaterFire to use when she is tending her beautiful roses. Thanks for the pics Mary!

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