Original Half Apron

Find all the available TreadlingHome Original Half Apron here.

All items in this section are proudly Made in Ohio, USA from domestic and/or imported fabric.

100% Cotton fiber.

dia de los Muertos

With this TreadlingHome Original Half Apron, everyday can be the Day of the Dead. Fall in love with the bright colors and patterns that will make you feel like every meal is a fiesta.


Flirty Flowers and Birds

Become the hostess with the mostess in this Flirty Flowers and Birds apron. The gray polka dots and muted purples, blues and yellows work together to create an amazingly balanced piece of functional textile art you will be proud to use for years to come.


Post War

Inspired by the patterns and colors of Post War (WWII) pop culture, this TreadlingHome Original Half Apron sports the oranges, greens and patterns of the era. The top layer is a multi-colored Asian parasol pattern followed by the pea green and brown floral, and finally the small orange polka dots, indicative of the 1940's and 50's. Take a trip back in time to the heyday of the housewife and feel classy, confident, beautiful and amazing everyday in this one of a kind TreadlingHome Original Half Apron.


Vintage Farmhouse

Inspired by the movie The Egg and I, this TreadlingHome Original Half Apron features class red and blue ginghams with a traditional 1940's small floral print and buttery yellow terry cloth ties everything together. Vintage farmhouse never looked so good.


This is Halloween-Jack and Sally

This is Halloween...This is Halloween...Halloween, Halloween, Halloween. Have the love story of Jack and Sally inspire you everyday in this fun Nightmare Before Christmas inspired TreadlingHome Original Half Apron.


Grammy’s House

An apron dedicated to my Grammy P. She was a WWII Navy Wave and loved her 1940's prints and patterns. She was also an accomplished crocheter, making every single doily in her house. This TreadlingHome Original Half Apron features multi-colored doilies, a bright pink and green floral pattern and a subdued gray and white waves. The buttery yellow terry cloth bottom finish this homage to my Grandmother right ❤


Happy Birds

Start everyday off right with this cheerfully bright TreadlingHome Original Half Apron that is sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. It has never been more fun or easy to entertain and keep your party cloths sparkling. Enjoy a modern twist on the classic TreadlingHome Original style with the vibrantly colored flowers and hummingbirds, complimented by large green polka dots and pink and yellow patterns.


Gryffindor House

50 points to your house with this Gryffindor TreadlingHome Original Half Apron! This apron features the iconic red and yellow Gryffindor colors with a Harry Potter licensed pattern as the middle, black and white, layer. It is all finished off with the buttery yellow terry cloth bottom layer allowing you to make potions class even easier 🙂



Shipping is included in the price. For expedited shipping within the U.S. please send a message to Ordering@TreadlingHome.com for up to date rates.

Thank you for shopping TreadlingHome Aprons!

Patterns and assemblies are copyrighted by Katie Jones, 2016.

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