Half Aprons

Our half aprons come in 2 styles: the TreadlingHome Original Half Apron and the Traditional Half Apron.  Both are made right here in the USA of 100% cotton materials (unless otherwise stated in the item posting) and feature double stitching on every seam. Let’s look at each style and what they have to offer.

To see some of my custom Half Apron creations, see the portfolio at the end of this page.

TreadlingHome Original Half Apron

TreadlingHome Original Half Aprons are made of 4 layers of cotton materials, both imported and domestic, with the bottom layer (ruffle) being made of 100% cotton terry cloth.  It is a nice substitute for the TreadlingHome Original Full Apron for those who want the built in towel without the full apron look.

Traditional Half Apron

Our Traditional Half Aprons, also called the Horseshoe apron, are more what you would think of when you think of a half apron.  They are modeled after the 1940’s-50’s half aprons, with a distinctly TreadlingHome twist.  Made with bold colors and modern prints, these aprons feature 2 oversized buttons to attach a custom, color coordinated Attachable Towel towel.  Each apron includes 1 color coordinated Attachable Towel OR Crazy Quilt Potholder.  You can purchase additional towels and/or potholders so you can mix and match to change up the look as often as you want.

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All content, patterns and assemblies are copywritten by Katie Jones, 2016.

Half Apron Portfolio

My very first half apron custom order. I still love it ❤
My second custom order for my bestie. She still uses it ❤
My first licensed apron, The Avengers Comics
The first Wonder Woman I did. It sold in 20 minutes!
One of the first TreadlingHome Original Half Aprons ever made.
I still love this one. It’s a little funky when you look at it close, but has that classic classy feel when looked at as a whole.
I love the classic patterns with a modern twist ❤
Love the Post War feel of this one because of the small polka dots ❤
A custom ordered Penguin apron. I named it March of the Penguins

Customer Pics

It went to a good home 🙂
My bestie using her custom ordered apron in the TreadlingHome Kitchen 🙂