You’ve found our currently available stock of Scrubbies.

All items in this section are proudly Made in Ohio, USA from domestic and/or imported fabric.

100% Nylon fiber.

Scrubbies-Random Pick

When I started TreadlingHome, my aim was to make better quality products for the kitchen that will make you want to get in there and have some fun. TreadlingHome Scrubbies help do exactly that by bringing brightness and fun to some of the most mundane and unliked tasks around the kitchen; from everyday dishes to scrubbing the counters and more. The uses around the home are endless for these things. These little guys are handmade from 100% nylon tulle netting. The smaller tulle openings help to ensure a long life for your new Scrubbie. As you scrub your pots and pans of all types, the larger particles won't get stuck in your TreadlingHome Scrubbie like they would in others, causing you to purchase more before you should have too. Also, the small, doughnut type opening in the middle allows you to use less soap by creating more air circulation and bubbles saving you even more money.



Shipping is included in the price. For expedited shipping within the U.S. please send a message to for up to date rates.

Thank you for shopping TreadlingHome Aprons!

Patterns and assemblies are copyrighted by Katie Jones, 2016.

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