Make Me Up Bags (Zipper Bags)

Find our current stock of TreadlingHome Original Make Me Up Bags.

All items in this section are proudly Made in Ohio, USA from domestic and/or imported fabric. 100% Cotton fiber.

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Love your makeup, but not your old bag? Well here at TreadlingHome, we have the same problem. The TreadlingHome Make Me Up Bag is small enough to fit in a small sized handbag, while still being large enough to hold everything you need for your everyday. It is around 9 inches at the top zipper and is designed to expand at the bottom to allow for an unbelievable amount of room. In addition to its roomy size, the Make Me Up Bag is designed to stand on its own to make your daily routine a little easier. Each bag features a solid colored outside with a colorful lining and matching zipper to help make the liner pop when the bag is open. Got some pigment on your new Make Me Up Bag? It's ok! Its made of 100% cotton fabric, so a little stain remover before the wash will take that right out.



Shipping is included in the price. For expedited shipping within the U.S. please send a message to for up to date rates.

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Patterns and assemblies are copyrighted by Katie Jones, 2016.

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