Attachable Towels

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All items in this section are proudly Made in Ohio, USA from domestic and/or imported fabric. 100% Cotton fiber.

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Attachable Towels-Random Pick

Ever misplace your kitchen towel in the middle of cooking or cleaning up? How about forgetting to bring a rag to wipe down the tables when you're serving? I know I do all the time. These adorable and functional attachable towels are designed with this in mind. Never loose your towel again! They fit any TreadlingHome apron that features oversized buttons and are made to help save you time and frustration. Each one is made of 100% cotton with reinforced openings to attach to your TreadlingHome apron. They are also great to keep on a hook in your garden shed, craft room or basement for quick and easy clean up.



Shipping is included in the price. For expedited shipping within the U.S. please send a message to for up to date rates.

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Patterns and assemblies are copyrighted by Katie Jones, 2016.

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