Attachables and More

What is an Attachable?

An Attachable is a custom made to compliment your new best kitchen buddy.  They feature oversized buttonholes and loops to accommodate the large buttons used on all of TreadlingHome aprons.  We currently offer Crazy Quilt Potholders and Attachable Towels which are both made of 100% cotton materials.  Click here to see our current inventory.

So what’s the “and More”?

The “and more” are some of our newest products, including TreadlingHome Make Me Up Bags, Scrubbies, Hankies and Bairn Bibs.  Each item is handmade and the quality is always guaranteed.  Check them out!

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Custom Attachables and More Portfolio

Custom sink skirt with matching Crazy Quilt Potholders from the extra fabric. One of my favorite pieces I’ve made ❤

Custom matching Crazy Quilt Potholders for a RealTree Men’s Griller
Custom Batman Bairn Bib
Custom Clothespin holder up-cycled from a plaid button down and accented with frosted pink rose buttons to attach to the line.