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Welcome to TreadlingHome!

I’m Katie, the owner, designer, craftsperson, writer and all around crazy person behind the TreadlingHome blog and product lines.  I have a passion for doing things myself; including everything from gardening (vegetables and flowers) to sewing, crafting and cooking.  I also have a passion for teaching…that’s why I went to school for it!  I have a Social Studies education degree from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and love to tie what I’m doing with TreadlingHome projects back to the history lessons I’ve missed so much since leaving teaching. 

Each project we have done, whether it be a recipe or DIY project, has tied back to the way things used to be done and living a more sustainable lifestyle.  The TreadlingHome blog has given me an outlet for my teaching affinities by allowing me to pass my knowledge and the lessons I’ve learned onto you.  I love sharing my personal history attached to each project with you, my amazingly awesome readers. 

About the TreadlingHome-Stead

My husband Josh and I bought our home back in 2015; a 2 acre plot of gentle rolling hills with a charming ranch style home located in southeastern Ohio. 

The first thing we wanted to do after purchasing our home was cover the windows to help start making our new house the home we had always dreamt of.  I quickly realized that not a single window in our new home was a “standard size” since most of them are short and wide and seated higher than usual in the walls.  After talking with Josh I decided to make my own curtains that would fit our style, and the windows, perfectly.  I unpacked my heirloom treadle sewing machine (circa 1920’s) and got to work making valences for the kitchen and curtains for our bedroom. 

As I worked on these first projects for our new home, I began to realize that I was treadling my way to the home that my husband and I had always wanted.  A place that we could express ourselves, do things our way and grow in love together; and for the past 4 years we have done just that. 

Our home is still a work in progress of course, since no home is ever really settled when you are a do it yourselfer.  I’ve been trying my best to become the housewife and partner my husband deserves, and working hard to put my knowledge and research to work for us.

Join me on my journey as I figuring out how to apply the knowledge and techniques I learned growing up with do it yourself parents and friends to make the life and home we have always dreamt of.

Josh and I enjoying a day out together ❤

*A Note from the TreadlingHome-Steaders*

My husband Josh and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being members of the Treadling Nation and are looking forward to continuing our journey with you by our side.

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